Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Everything I Need by Chinenye Saviour

This song "ALL I NEED" is about Jesus being the headquarters of everything. Jesus is the source of everything to believers. In Him is salvation, healing, prosperity, power, satisfaction and every thing life can offer. The Holy Spirit inspired me to write this lines from John 14:1-2 , when I and my husband were going through difficult moment at our mission field. This song should be the confession of all believers in Christ.
Chinenye Saviour is a worshiper of Yahweh, music minister and song writer. Born on 1st August, 1992, Chinenye became interested in music at a very young age. She joined the children choir of her local Church and later, the Church choir of the Charismatic Renewal Ministries.
This calm and gentle minstrel is anointed, with a divine mandate to proclaim the worship of the Almighty Yahweh to all creation. Chinenye loves glorifying God alone through her songs and blessing lives.
She is married to pastor Saviour Terkaa.


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